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Articles - Christian Living
Additional Articles (In PDF format)

2012 A.D. - The End of an Age! (In-depth Study)
Why, in the face of such an overwhelming amount of negative information and experience [about "setting dates"] am I writing about a particular date in time, specifically the year 2012 A.D.? First of all, I am not predicting any definitive moment when I feel that the Messiah must return to the earth. Please keep this one fact in mind throughout your reading of this article. And secondly, given the dismal track record of past prognosticators, I must confess that indeed I enter into writing this study paper with a reasonable amount of trepidation. Although I am obviously not opposed to anyone seeking to know the timing of Yahshua’s Second Coming, what bothers me most about such endeavors is the arrogance that is so typically displayed by those attempting to set future prophetic dates... So, it is my most sincere hope that what I convey in this report will not be done in such a manner, for I assure you that this is decidedly not my intent... The year 2012, though perhaps appearing meaningless, is not just any year that I have merely picked out of thin air, as it were. Interest in this particular time period is by no means something new. It has, in fact, been a focus of some groups for hundreds, and even thousands of years, and certainly since the mid 1980's of our own generation, the year 2012 has attracted a good deal of attention from a wide variety of individuals and for a number of key reasons, both Biblical and secular in nature. I have chosen several of those pertinent issues to discuss with you in this article.

Let Your Women Keep Silence! (In-depth Study)
Over the years since the New Testament was completed, few other issues have been as hotly debated as that of a woman’s place in the Church of God. So polarizing has this subject become that congregations have virtually come to blows over the controversy, and much argument, strife, and division has been the result. It is generally assumed that the Bible is primarily a male-oriented book. After all, God is presented with masculine features. One never encounters such descriptive words as her, she, or mother with respect to the Almighty. It is always He or Him or His, and He is invariably called Father. There are no exceptions! Even His children are more often than not referred to as sons only rather than the collective sons and daughters...
It ought not therefore come as a great shock to anyone that women reading the Bible just might get the feeling that they were, to use the hackneyed phrase, second-class citizens! This sense, however, comes as a result of not really digging deeply enough into the Word to find out exactly how the Eternal feels about the issue. Believe it or not, the Bible actually has quite a bit to say about women, their roles, and their significance in the plan of God.

The Two Trees (In-depth Study)    PART 1  (The Mystery of...)   PART 2  (Applying the Lesson of...)  
Long, long ago, the Adversary planted the seed of destruction in the mind of man by stating, "You shall not surely die: for God does know that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as the gods, knowing good and evil" (Gen. 3:4-5). Ever since this auspicious occasion, human activity upon the earth has been influenced, guided, and controlled by this Satanic lie-that the route to becoming as the gods lies along the pathway of acquiring knowledge-the esoteric knowledge of the ancients known as the mysteries. Every civilization has been shaped by this age-old desire implanted eons ago in the sanctity of Eden. Nothing has changed from that primordial time until this very day, save only that this world has become ever more deceptive, dark, and destructive! In this two-part series, learn the mystery of The Two Trees, and how to apply the lesson of them in our lives!

In the Footsteps of the Messiah (In-depth Study)    PART 1   PART 2   PART 3  
The phrase, in the footsteps of the Messiah, has become something of a byword among certain believers today. Undoubtedly, it sounds right and good, but what does it really mean? Do the Scriptures place a particular and uniquely separate emphasis on walking in Yahshua’s (Jesus) footsteps? And, does the Bible also single out a different status, perhaps even a better eternal situation, for those who do walk that pathway? These questions and others related to them comprise part of a body of information presented in the Word with regard to those who walk in the footsteps of the Messiah. This subject, and especially the actual approach this study will take, is not one that is widely taught today. I suspect that one of the reasons for this, maybe even the major reason, has to do with the quite normal tendency to lump all those who accept the Messiah as Savior into one great big amorphous group of believers, whereas the Scriptures actually make finer distinctions in this respect that need to be fairly considered. This is what these articles seek to accomplish.

The Apple of God's Eye
We speak so easily, perhaps even smugly, about the love of God. Most, if not all of us, believe in that love and surely we experience many aspects of God's care and concern for us. We certainly read about the love of God in the Scriptures, and through Christ our Saviour, we are both witnesses and even participants in the Father's greatest gift of love.

The Friend of God
The operative word when it comes to God and man is relationship And indeed the Scriptures describe a number of very significant links and associations between human beings and their Creator None however, is more important, more intimate , more special and more needed than that of friendship. We easily relate to being a child of God or a servant of God, but Yahweh desires more -- He wants us to be HIS FRIEND!

A More Excellent Way
I Corinthians 13 contains the description of that way and has become affectionately known as the LOVE CHAPTER. You may notice that love is not officially listed as one of the gifts of the Spirit, not because it doesn't deserve to be there, but primarily because it supersedes all the gifts and aspects of God's Spirit. It is the medium in which all the gifts must exist and operate. Paul teaches that love must be the underlying impetus of our lives, that which impels or motivates us every day. The many wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit must therefore be utilized through the power of true Godly love.

Through Much Tribulation
For most people, the negative situations of this life drive them further into agner, hopelessness, and futility. But what about you? What part should suffering play in a Christian's life?

God's Incredible Sacrifice
When confronted with the crucifixion of the Messiah, most believers focus on what He endured for them-His sacrifice for their sins. But what about the Father in heaven? Christ clearly stated that He could do nothing without His Father living in Him. Have you ever considered that God the Father also made the ultimate sacrifice for us as well. This article homes in on what the Father was willing to give up, the kind of love behind such a momentous decision, and what His sacrifice accomplishes for all who believe and endure in the faith.

A Call To Arms
It is quite interesting that the book of Revelation, chock full, as it is, of such strange and mysterious prophetic symbols, should actually commence with a series of short, seemingly simple letters to seven churches in Asia Minor.

Articles - Doctrinal

Trinity or Tragedy?
There is probably no more significant identity badge for most professing Christian organizations than the doctrine of the trinity. This concept permeates both Catholic and Protestant theology alike. Is the notion that God is actually composed of three distinct and separate personalities or beings really Biblical, or is it an assumption on the part of most? Was the trinity always accepted as truth? You need to know precisely what the Scriptures have to say on this crucial subject.

Articles - Prophecy

Esau Have I Hated! (In-depth Study)    PART 1   PART 2   PART 3  
What does the Eternal mean when He says that He hates Esau? Does the famous wrestling match between Jacob and Esau in the womb of their mother Rebecca have significance beyond the event itself? Are there important, even mandatory, reasons why we in the 21st century ought to better understand the nature, history, and perhaps even the future of this ancient rivalry? These are some of the pertinent questions we will seek to answer in this study of the Word. In order to adequately cover this entire subject and the issues associated with it, a thorough study is required. This article, therefore, will be detailed, and will, from time to time, take certain departures from the main topic. It is imperative to follow the appropriate roads, and sometimes even the trails and dim paths, in order to successfully negotiate our way through the Biblical, historical, mythological, and prophetical material, bringing us hopefully to a fuller understanding at the conclusion of our journey. I believe, however, that you will find the evidence presented to be interesting, convincing, and profitable, as this story, though ancient in its origins, contains significant facts that pertain to our time and beyond, even to the end of the age.

Origin Of The New World Order
While it is always good to be informed as to current world events and conditions, it is also very crucial that God's true people be fully aware of the real reasons and causes for the approaching specter of Globalism. To be informed in this critical area-to truly understand who and what is genuinely behind the intrigue, the chicanery, the collusion-requires that we take a look back-back into the dimness of antiquity--back to the very beginning!

The 10th Day
This intriguing article takes the subject of the 10th day of the first month in God’s sacred calendar, and considers the significance of each Scriptural incident that occurred on this particular date. There is surprising and highly significant information revealed in this study, especially with respect to Bible prophecy.

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