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New Publication: Cornerstone Fellowship News!

The purpose and vision behind this newsletter:
I am convinced that Christ is interested in drawing out and gathering of a group of dedicated believers who sense that the Body is in a state of disrepair and division, and yet who believe that there is still great hope and potential among the saints in this generation. These brethren will be among those who are seriously focused in their calling, who have let go of their pursuit of men, and who have subsequently come out from the control of men as well, who champion the spiritual empowerment of the individual, but who also desire to see the Body healed, strengthened, and galvanized so that the work God has given us to do as a group can and will be successfully accomplished. I hope that eventually this group of believers will be very closely allied, tied together by common purposes, common vision, and common practices that are designed to build up the Body of Messiah in this world. I see this group networking with each other, keeping in close touch, making certain that each person is linked together in lock-step moving toward the common goal.

In time, not only will this small publication hopefully help serve as a forum of practical advice and input, but I further propose that those individuals who are interested eventually participate in a 30-minute conference call once a week, when ideas, problems, solutions, etc. can be openly discussed, thus binding us even more closely together in this effort. And that effort will be directed at MODELING THE BODY, so that other believers can grasp the objective God has in mind for His people today.

October 2002 - Building Up the Body Part 1

November 2002 - Building Up the Body Part 2

December 2002 - Building Up the Body Part 3

January 1, 2003 - Building Up the Body Part 4

January 15, 2003 - Building Up the Body Part 5

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